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    Mr. Tejinder Singh – Director
    Mr. Tejinder Singh, Director of Sangwan Group of Companies entered the field of real estate almost 16 Years back. He is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the real estate sector.Being a first generation entrepreneur from humble background Mr. Tejendra Sangwan has created the “Sangwan Group” of companies from scratch. His down to earth approach, strong social value systems, unflinching resolve, commitment and prudent far sight continue to guide “Sangwan Group” towards further growth.

    Mr. Devendra Singh – Director
    Mr Devendra Singh, Director Sangwan Group of Companies, joined his brother ( Mr. Tejendra Singh) in the real estate industry almost 11 years back.His personal contribution to the growth of Sangwan Group of companies is notable. He has rich experience in the fields of land purchase, retail sales and construction.

    Mr. Narendra Kumar – Director
    Mr. Narendra Kumar, Director Sangwan Group of Companies ( Mr. Tejendra Singh and Mr. Devendra Singh) in the real estate industry almost 8 years back.He has established himself as a leading realtor and consultant in the field of real estate. He has rich experience in the fields of public relations, land purchase, corporate planning, construction and marketing.